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Whether you’re looking to buy a boat to live on, as a holiday home, for weekends, fishing, water skiing, racing, general cruising or as a hard-working business vessel, we have created this website as a source of great information for you.


Buying a Houseboat – Sales Information


Congratulations on your exciting decision to buy a boat. A boat is a long term acquisition, which should give you many years of enjoyment. But before it’s anchors aweigh, you should weigh up the many options available so you are assured you are making a well-informed and thoroughly considered selection.


There is an exciting array of houseboats available for sale to suit every family and every style. From the simple, functional models to the high end, luxury floating home styles, houseboats are an interesting and unique option as a primary residence or as a great way to enjoy your leisure time on the water.


New houseboats are available from specialist outlets and a good selection of used houseboats is available for sale.


While houseboats offer many benefits, also consider the many other types of boats available for sale as possible alternatives.


Buying a Houseboat – Finance and Loans Information


Loans for houseboat purchases are readily available and we give you a number of resources to start looking for a houseboat loan to suit your requirements. Plus we share with you, valuable information on the types of boat loans available through banks and lenders and explain the benefits of securing your houseboat or other boat finance through an accredited marine finance broker.


  • Loans for all types of boats can be arranged through your broker:
  • ·        Houseboat loans
  • ·        Loans for power boats and sailing boats
  • ·        Finance packages for ski boats and fishing boats
  • ·        Personal finance for boat purchases
  • ·        Commercial loan packages for business customers
  • ·        Loans for boat purchases for people with bad credit and no docs


We provide you with links to accredited finance brokers who will handle all the details for you. They are expert in securing boat loans for all types of applicants for all types of boats, so you can be assured of quality service and comprehensive handling of your application when you deal with an accredited finance broker.


Brokers have greater flexibility than many banks, which are limited to offering you only the loan products which are available through their bank and perhaps the financial institutions which they are associated with.


Whereas brokers are accredited with a multitude of lenders, but retain their independence, so they can search through hundreds of loan products to find the one that best suits you.


Even if you have been rejected for a houseboat or other boat loan by a bank, a broker may be able to assist you, through sourcing other loan products and structuring your houseboat loan application for an effective outcome.


If you are considering purchasing one or many houseboats for a houseboat hire business, your finance broker will be able to assist you by offering you an attractive commercial finance package to suit your business objectives. CHP, leasing and chattel mortgages are just some of the loans available to business customers.


Buying a Houseboat – Get an Estimate from the Loan Calculator


Most people want to know what their loan repayments will be on their houseboat loan, so they can set their budget. Knowing what your repayments will be in advance, allows you to set your budget for your houseboat purchase, allows you to more quickly narrow down your search for that perfect boat, saves you time in looking at boats and gives you confidence to make an offer and seal the deal on your purchase much faster.


On this site we have provided you with links to online boat loan calculators so you can quickly and easily source an estimate on your boat loan.


The boat loan calculators are easy to use as they are an online system and can be accessed from any laptop, computer, tablet and most mobile phones.


You simply enter the details of the amount you wish to borrow, estimated interest rate, preferred amount of time to repay the loan and you will receive an estimated monthly repayment figure.


Go to our Loan Calculator page for more details and links to online boat loan calculators so you can try it for yourself.


Be mindful, these calculators do not have the capability to anticipate any possible fees and charges which could be involved with your particular loan. But the estimate is a great indication so you can proceed with looking at boats.


If you would like to be even more prepared before you start looking at boats for sale, ask your broker to arrange a pre-approved houseboat loan for you.


If you have any questions or would like further details on any of the information presented on this website, please contact our team to discuss your queries.

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